The ultimate riverdale quiz**

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This quiz is to show how well you know riverdale and the cast of and on screen good luck ! okay so basically if you know nothing about Betty jughead Archie or Veronica you need to immediately get off this quiz I’m warning you know literally you NEED TO GET OFF you will not understand anything and do t assume is also a hack to getting high marks think about my questions carefully don’t just look at an answer and because it looks like the answer in your head read it properly that can help a lot since I was very harsh on some questions

SO BASICALLY a if you know nothing about riverdale there is seriously no point in you taking part in this quiz so I’d move on if I were u because your gonna get the lowest score kisses to all bye now

Created by: Takara Ward
  1. Who does Betty Cooper Date on the show
  2. Who does Archie Andrews date on the show?
  3. How do Betty and Jughead get together
  4. What movie or show is Cole also on
  5. What’s Archie Andrews dog called
  6. What’s Bettys bro called
  7. What did Polly call her babies ?
  8. What’s Cheryl signature colour?
  9. What’s Betty’s most popular hair style?
  10. What’s the honorary serpent pet

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