What Riverdale Character Are You - 12 Questions!

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This Quiz Will Test You To See What Riverdale Character You Are: Veronica, Archie, Betty, Or Is it Jughead? Just Take This Wonderful Quiz By XxRampagexX Yahoo!

You Only Have To Answer Twelve Simple Questions To Determine What Riverdale Character You Are - Betty, Archie, Jughead or Veronica. Find Out Here And Now On This Quiz Made By XxRampagexX Yahoo!

Created by: XxRampagexX
  1. What's Your Favorite Colour?
  2. Where Would You Go On A Hot Summer Day?
  3. What's Your Favourite Animal?
  4. What Adventure Would You Look For?
  5. If Someone You Disliked Was About To Die What Would You Do?
  6. What Do You Find Fun?
  7. What Would You Do With A Billion Dollars?
  8. How Many Friends Do You Have?
  9. What's Your Favorite Subject
  10. What Social Media Do Prefer?
  11. What Would You Do If You Were On Your Way To A Movie That Only Premieres Once, And You Saw A Cat Stuck, But If You Save It You Miss Your Movie?
  12. Are You A Male Or Female?

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Quiz topic: What Riverdale Character am I - 12 Questions!