Which Regina Spektor song are you?

Regina Spektor is a goddess. She sings to your soul. joy, anger, depression, dumbness, car rides, being with friends in the background - she fits every setting and feeling.

Which of her perfect songs are you? Which best describes your personality? Take this quiz and you'll maybe find out, though obviously you're not one thing, but everyone's a bit of Regina.

Created by: Hila
  1. Who is more dominant in your romantic relationships?
  2. Do you feel the need for constant social approvement
  3. What's your motto with food?
  4. What books are you usually intrested in reading?
  5. How do you think you look?
  6. Favourite school subject?
  7. Would you consider yourself a pessimist or optimist in general?
  8. How often do you look into/read about current events?
  9. What's your motto on life?
  10. Favourite location?

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Quiz topic: Which Regina Spektor song am I?