Who is your favourite Greek Goddess?

Whether you have followed the Greek Gods your entire life or have even never heard of them, this is still a quiz for you! I will tell you which Goddess would/is your favourite and what that says about you!

These Goddesses are the most common of them all. Some good, some bad, it's time to show your true colours! Please enjoy yourself and rate this quiz! Alison x

Created by: Alison Aloha
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  1. How much knowledge do you have on Greek mythology?
  2. Your teacher would describe you as:
  3. Your siblings/friends would describe you as:
  4. If you had to give your favourite hobby of the following options, which would it be?
  5. If given the choice, you would prefer to be:
  6. You receive an invitation to an important event. Do you:
  7. Your arch-enemy is being strangely nice. Do you:
  8. You are given the offer of immortality. If you turn it down it will never be offered it again. Do you:
  9. How many close friends do you have?
  10. Your favourite person in your family to be with would be:
  11. If you could add one person to your family, which of the following options would it be?
  12. Of the following colours, which is your favourite?
  13. In your family are you the:
  14. What kind of taste in fashion do you have. e.g. how do you dress?
  15. What would you rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Who is my favourite Greek Goddess?