Which Red nose character are you?

Red nose day is a charity day this year it is the 13 of march. If you take this quiz you will know which red nose to buy. Just fill in some questions down below.

Who are you. Which Red nose are you. You could be Snout Dracula, Astrosnot, Snotty Professor, Supernose, Nosebot, Snortel, Karate Konk, Snorbit and last but not least Stripey.

Created by: Jamie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like to do?
  2. What type of character are you?
  3. What Coulors is your favourite?
  4. Describe Yourself?
  5. Do you like Snout Dracula?
  6. Do you like Astosnot?
  7. Do you like Snotty Professor?
  8. Do you like Supernose?
  9. Do you like Nosebot?
  10. Do you like Snortel
  11. Do you like Karate Konk
  12. Do you like Snorbit
  13. Do you like Stripy
  14. Which pair is your favourite?
  15. What do you wear?
  16. What Coulor is your hair?
  17. What type is your eyes?
  18. Will you buy a Red nose character.

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Quiz topic: Which Red nose character am I?