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  • Shut your pile hole VENOMBOSS i got mami 87% so you are officially sc××××

    IcemanMHS7 Feb 23 '18, 7:38AM
  • I am 78% Kyouko! That's great, she is my favourite!

    Ban news is that I am 44% that brainless moron Sayaka, I hope I'm not similar in the non-existent survival instinct, or acting like an idiot most of the time...
    Also apparently 36% Mami, I like her, but I don't think I'm too much like her as a person XD
    Homura and Madoka both 34% similarity, that's okay I guess XD

    VenomBoss Feb 11 '16, 12:40PM
  • Kyoko sakura 88%

    I'm so happy! she and mami are my favorite characters!

    Baltazar Aug 13 '15, 6:15PM
  • I wanted mami or homura but I got madoka at 88%,but, mami was second with a 48%,homura came in at 12 % and so did the rest.

    Frost777 Nov 26 '14, 9:05AM
  • I always get Homura, but I love her. Wish to be her. My friends and I are the magica group. This site is cool. I am Homura Akemi and I approve this message. I am learning Japenese which makes it even better.

    HomuraAkemi101 Nov 20 '14, 8:10PM
  • I love Homura Akemi she is my anime rolemodle

    HomuraAkemi101 Nov 20 '14, 8:08PM
  • I love Homura Akemi she is my anime rolemodle

    HomuraAkemi101 Nov 20 '14, 8:07PM
  • I usually get Mami but I got Sayaka. Sayaka is pretty cools thou

    MamiSan Oct 17 '14, 6:36AM
  • Kyoko Sakura

    You had a hard time growing up, and now you try to catch up on everything that you missed out on. You hate wasting, and make sure that you use everything to the max before throwing it away. Sometimes you seem very mean, and you don't always care about the people around you, but that's because you learned the hard way that trying to help someone sometimes makes things even worse. It doesn't have to be like that though, so try to warm up a little.

    44%Homur a Akemi

    44%Madoka Kaname

    36%Mami Tomoe

    12%Sayaka Miki

    kyokosakura Sep 6 '14, 2:25PM
  • I got another Sayaka, I guess im right. I always know she is the one that mostly fits me, after all, when watching this anime, she always remind me of myself.

    Black Swordman Jan 14 '14, 8:57PM
  • Which Puella Magi Madoka Magica girl are you?
    Your Result: Madoka Kaname

    You are sweet and always try to do the "right thing". You treasure your friends and family and always try to take care of others. You like cute things and sweet foods. Sometimes you wish you had some extraordinary talent, but being yourself is more than good enough.

    56%Homura Akemi

    48%Mami Tomoe

    44%Sayaka Miki

    0%Kyoko Sakura

    Aww I wanted Homura or Mami!
    And Kubey (or whatever) is a total jerk. I mean what kind of... Of... A... THING! Has no emotions?!?!?!

    Luna Siren Aug 28 '13, 1:56AM

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