Which Protagonist of The Broken Code are you?

Hello! This is a quiz to tell you which protagonist of the newest Warriors Cats series is most like you. Maybe you'll get you favorite, maybe not. We'll see!

There are 11 questions. Choose the answers that works best for you, and you will find out at the end of the quiz which of the characters you relate to the most.

Created by: Squirrelflight22

  1. Someone said that there are codebreakers in the Clans that need to be punished. What do you think of this?
  2. What is your favorite Clan?
  3. Let's say that you had a disturbing vision that said that there are codebreakers in the Clans that need to be punished. One of those 'codebreakers' is your mother. You tell you father, and he says to not tell anyone else except your mom. But bad things are happening to the Clan, and you are worried that if you don't share the vision, they'll keep happening. You mother says tell the truth. What will you do?
  4. What are a few nice traits of yours?
  5. Now, some not-so-nice traits.
  6. Some other cats are teasing you about something sensitive. How do you react?
  7. The cat you were hoping to mate with doesn't love back, and is interested in someone else.
  8. What is your ideal pelt color?
  9. Which cat would you like to be descended from the most?
  10. Who would you rather mate with?
  11. Finally, which is your favorite protagonist of the series?

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Quiz topic: Which Protagonist of The Broken Code am I?