Who are you from Red Night (My Warriors Story)

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Who are you from my story, Red Night (Warriors)? Are you shy Night? Are you fun Breezekit? Are you strong Echokit? Are you stubborn Badgerpaw? Are you loyal Juniperpaw? Are you beautiful Crystalstar? Or are you devoted Firestorm?

Red Night was inspired by Into the Wild, the first book dear Erin Hunter created. I do not own Warriors, Into the Wild, ThunderClan, or any other warrior ideas. I give full credit to Erin. Have fun, guys!

Created by: Princess Mango

  1. Hiya! Me name's Mango. Okay, for the first question, what's your favorite color shade?
  2. What is a GOOD trait about you?
  3. What is a BAD trait about you?
  4. Are you a tom (boy) or a She-cat (girl)?
  5. Pick a warrior name:
  6. What would be your rank in a wolf pack (*howls*)
  7. If you weren't a cat (speaking of you being a warrior cat *cough*) , what animal would you like to be?
  8. What is the most important thing in your life?
  9. Stars or Moons?
  10. Bye-bye

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Quiz topic: Who am I from Red Night (My Warriors Story)