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  • Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?
    Your Result: Bubbles 82%

    Sweet, sensitive, caring, and gentle. You are fun and enjoyable but have a tough side when you need it, which is rare. You love animals and help them when you can. Are you blonde? Favorite color blue? Those are more things like Bubbles.

    68% Blitzy
    50% Bunny
    49% Princess
    49% Blossom
    38% Buttercup
    38% Dynamo
    38% Bullet
    34% Bell or Zebura
    24% Digital X

  • Bell,never heard of her till now but I'd say I'm more buttercup sense I'm the tough and defensive type of person instead.

  • EPIC FAIL. Smooth jazz should be Blossom, not Bubbles.

    Andros 1337
    • Dont be rude about it

      Pop cat

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