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  • "Thanks so much for taking this quiz! If you scored high, you are a pure person to your region. If you scored low, then you are probably all over the place, struggling to find what Pokemon region you are from. But hey, there is something you have in common with everyone else--- you took this quiz, and I'd like to thank you."

    So... what if I scored high on all regions? Seriously, my lowest score was 61% for Kanto.

    And as for my highest score, even though I started with Gen 3, it says I'm from Kalos with an 81%, with Sinnoh in second at 79%, and Hoenn in third at 74%.

  • Never mind. Retook the quiz, got Hoenn. Still curious as to what a high score for all regions means though, as all my scores were still pretty high.

  • I am rly not the Kanto gal


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