Which Pointe Shoe Are You?

Which pointe shoe are you? Take this quiz, and find out. There are many different types of pointe shoes. I'll try to figure out which are best for YOU, and why. Principal and Bloch are my pointe companies of choice in this quiz. I do not own Bloch or Principal.

Well. Take the quiz, know your pointe shoe. Jewel, diamond, princess, sonata, Signature Performance, Serenade. Which are you? Find out in a few short clicks! Thanks for taking the shoe quiz.

Created by: Justinee
  1. Do you do ballet?
  2. If yes, for how long have you been dancing?
  3. Are your feet strong?
  4. Which is best?
  5. What it a pliƩ?
  6. Do you like ballet?
  7. Are you flexible?
  8. How big is your arch?
  9. Do you have pointe shoes?
  10. If so, how much are they broken in?

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Quiz topic: Which Pointe Shoe am I?