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  • Your Result: Eco Warrior

    You are a fierce green machine. You love animals and aren't afraid to fight for their rights.You also might: plant trees,garden often,join protests to put an end to animal-testing.Awes ome!

    Happy Hippie
    Clever Cookie
    Sporty Jock
    Snobby Stylista
    Im Honestly More Of A Happy Hippie....

  • Which personality do you have
    Your Result: Happy Hippie 86%
    Peace dude! You're a hippe who
    loves the Beatles,peace rallies, and
    tie-dye.Going to Woodstock is
    probably one of your biggest
    dreams, all the while eating healthy
    vegetarian food! 51%
    Clever Cookie 23%
    Eco Warrior 20%
    Sport y Jock 8%
    Snobby Stylista


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