which Pegasus character are you

There are many books in the world some good some bad but the good books such as Pegasus are not very well recognized and I would like to recognize Pegasus by making this quiz

Which Pegasus character are YOU. You could be Pealen with his jokes, Emily with her caring personality, Joel with his strong mind or even Pegasus with his protectiveness.

Created by: Julia

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. in your free time you would...
  2. your friends describe you as...
  3. what is your favorite colour?
  4. what marks did/do you usually get?
  5. what does this say in Morse code .--. . -.
  6. how do you know Pegasus
  7. Who is your favorite Pegasus character?
  8. how did/do you feel your social status is/was at school?
  9. are you sporty or academic?
  10. do you like work/school or holiday

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Quiz topic: Which Pegasus character am I