Which Pals Member Are You?

Who are The Pals? The Pals are a small group of YouTubers with big dreams. 5 kid-friendly YouTubers succeed in making kids laugh, inspiring them and teaching them. Alex, Corl, Denis, Sketch and Sub make up The Pals.

Do you know The Pals? Do you know yourself? If so, you might find some similarities between some of The Pals and yourself. Go ahead and take this quiz!

Created by: HeatherxSkootch

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  1. Which pet do you like more?
  2. Do you know 'The Pals'?
  3. Which 'The Pals' member do you like most?
  4. Do you like 'Hot Pockets'?
  5. Do you like the Internet?
  6. Do you like scary/horror games?
  7. Do you wear glasses orcontacts?
  8. Who'd be your best friend?
  9. Who is not a member of 'The Pals'?
  10. If you are a real 'The Pals' fan, you would watch their videos NEARLY every single day. Do you do this?
  11. 2nd last question. True 'The Pals' fans would know this. What is Sketch's real name?
  12. Last question. If you watch Sketch and Alex, most of you would know this. Who is Ethan?

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Quiz topic: Which Pals Member am I?