Which Pagan holiday are you?

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Pagans observe the wheel of the year, and the eight sabbats (holidays) that occur within it are points at which our connection to the natural world is celebrated and reaffirmed.

Are you May Day or the Summer Solstice? A spring or harvest festival? Rebirth or sacrifice? Find out where you fit in the cycle of life with this quiz :-)

Created by: sam

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  1. Which colours do you prefer?
  2. Which incense do you prefer?
  3. How is your ideal home?
  4. What animals are you?
  5. What's the best way to spend some free time?
  6. You are more
  7. When things go badly you
  8. Your relationships tend to be
  9. Which kind of mythical story do you like the best?
  10. Your ideal myth is set
  11. If you were the Sun God or Earth Goddess you would be
  12. Which Celtic god/goddess are you more like?
  13. To celebrate the wheel of life you would rather
  14. You are
  15. You are
  16. Right now you are

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Quiz topic: Which Pagan holiday am I?