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  • Your Result: Scraps Patches

    You are zany, bright(literally and mentally), and extremely optimistic. You are daring and you don't really care what others think of your appearance. Nor do you care if you're in love with a Scarecrow. You are a good friend to all those who surround you. Though you can be often called "boisterous and flighty", you are also very smart and get your friends both into and out of lots of trouble. You accept most everybody for who they are, except the occasional alive phonograph.

    Princess Ozma
    Mayre "Trot" Griffin
    Dorothy Gale
    Betsey Bobbin

    -- omg i wanna see wicked..!!! this quiz was awesome and really accurate xD

  • That's because it's from the original L.Frank Baum books, not Gregory McGuire's book. AWESOME QUIZ!!! I was Scraps. She's awesome!

  • The lack of Elphaba (The "Wicked Witch") makes this quiz fail. You should go see Wicked: The Musical. Best show I've ever seen.


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