Which OOC Member Are You?

OOC Gaming, a team of Four Main Players playing Halo 2 and soon to be Halo 3 that will lead onto another quiz but for now let's see if your anything like Webby Mk Liam or Criminal from Halo 2.

So who are you going to be? Webby? Mk? Liam? Criminal? Only one way to find out and thats by taking this quiz, so go ahead click that button and discover who your OOC Gaming counterpart really is!

Created by: Craig of OOC Gaming
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What position appeals to you the most in a lockdown setup on Lockout?
  2. As a team setup on Sniper Tower against a lockdown on Lockout with a 3 kill lead where would you likely be seen?
  3. What would you be likely to say after destroying someone 1 on 1 in part of a team match?
  4. What would your retort be to a mouthy american kid.
  5. What are you likely to be saying in a friendly team FFA.
  6. You've started a Team Hardcore match with two other team mates and get a random with you. Game starts and he grabs the BR and the Sniper, what do you say?
  7. Have you ever been in a recorded video from a Professionals point of view?
  8. Are you new to your team?
  9. Have you attended any major video game tournaments?
  10. What is your colour preference for armour colouring?
  11. Your Weapon of choice for close combat.
  12. Have you had more than Ten full Matchmaking Games on your host?

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Quiz topic: Which OOC Member am I?