what akatsuki member are you?

Many people think they are Itachi Uchia and Kisame and the akatsuki leader. This Quiz will tell you who you really are. I took it and the person chosen for me was the one i wanted(plus i made the quiz so...) you should get started right away and take this quiz to find out which akatsuki member you are

are YOU Itachi? are YOU kisame? theres only one way to find out. TAKE THIS QUIZ. and find out what akatsuki member you are. if you dont like the person you got you could always retake. Sometimes its acurate sometimes it not but it mostly is. so no worrys!

Created by: nik of bb-itachi
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have kekki-genki?(i cant spell)
  2. whould you pretend your dead and make your son have a horrible time growing up?
  3. are you a good boy or girl?
  4. would you kill poeple in you village including family anf gf and wife and so on?
  5. do you think the akatsuki leader is Yondaime?
  6. Is tobi a good boy? XD
  7. would you try and take on the akatsuki by urself?
  8. how many members are in the akatsuki?
  9. what power do you want?
  10. is this right? kisame's last name is hoshigaki

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Quiz topic: What akatsuki member am I?