what akatsuki member are you?

if you think you are an akatsuki thanks for havin this quiz i think you enjoied it this quiz was created by the akatsuki fan club.if you dont likerd it you are a f***er B**ch but if you liked it you are not so bad

DO YOU THINK YOU CAN ENTER AKATSUKI????? try this quiz and you will discover it hahaha i hope you enjoy itif you dont enjoy you dont have stile so o to the leaf academy little looser!!!!!!!! hahahahaha

Created by: deidarauchiha
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you reach the bijuu you want and the lader of akatsuki give you $ you buy
  2. if youre partner dies you
  3. tobi is your partner you?
  4. whats aktsuki for you?
  5. if you are exposed from akatsuki you
  6. you enter akatsuki but anyone likes you
  7. you get the bijuu you want but its escapes from your hands you
  8. what akatsuki member you think you are?
  9. question, you think you can be the leader of akatsuki?
  10. last question,do you liked this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What akatsuki member am I?