What Rank Akatsuki Member Are You

This quiz will tell you whether you are a strong akatsuki member or still need training. If you reach the akatsuki mastermind rank then you are one of the strongest shinobi to live. If you finish and get new member rank then you need training. If you need training then seek out and akatsuki leader. Or seek out an akatsuki mastermind.

If you get in between you are ok. Akatsuki spy and akatsuki assassin are great ones to have because you are powerful shinobi. You are powerful enough to take that rank and rule as underlings to akatsuki and akatsuki mastermind but don't care because akatsuki spy and assassin is a great privilege to have and you are proud.

Created by: anthony
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  1. You and your partner go out and find the demon that you are required to get what would you do.
  2. During the battle you see that the akatsuki leader/and or akatsuki mastermind is calling you back to the chat what would you say.
  3. The base is attacked what do you do there are rogue ninjas from every village just waiting to see blood everywhere.
  4. After the ninjas die you must get rid of them what do you do.
  5. You then after burning the dead rogue ninjas your old master seems to appear.
  6. Your master then charges and you have only one weapon(not kekei genkai)
  7. You then hit your master with you weapon and he falls down and begs for living what do you do.
  8. You have a kekei genkai to finish him off and you choose to kill him what kekei genkai do you possess.
  9. You see your master fall too your knees and beg for forgiveness what do you do.
  10. After that it seems the last demon is caught and weeks later the extraction is done and you are ready to take over the world what do you say to every shinobi you pass.

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