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  • Your Result: new member

    You are a new member to akatsuki. You currently left your village and are looking for power. While you are on your quest for power your teacher/and or mentor is the strongest of the akatsuki the leader

  • Your Result: Akatsuki assassin 85%

    You kill those who are of no use of Akatsuki(and those who have been used for Akatsuki for a purpose are to be disposed of by you)and still need a little more power and want to destroy your village

    85% Akatsuki Leader
    85% Akatsuki Mastermind
    75% Akatsuki Spy
    33% Akatsuki (jounin)
    18% Akatsuki (genin)
    14% Akatsuki (chunin)
    6% new member
    I'm rather scared.

  • what rank akatsuki member are you
    Your Result: Akatsuki Mastermind 85%

    Your the strongest and have seem to have created the akatsuki and you are the current teacher to the new member but hide your identitiy in the shadow and actually no one knows your the akatsuki mastermind

    80% Akatsuki Leader
    70% Akatsuki assassin
    68% Akatsuki (jounin)
    54% Akatsuki Spy
    38% new member
    19% Akatsuki (chunin)
    19% Akatsuki (genin)

  • Im the Akatsuki mastermind behind all the secret plan.

  • Hmmm.. I got 'akatsuki spy' .... Sounds fine by me since itachi is indeed an 'akatsuki spy'

  • hell yeah! Akatsuki mastermind!!


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