Which One Of These Four Rappers Will Marry You?

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This quiz is only for fans of all four rappers (Pac, Eazy, X and Ski) If you dislike one of em then the quiz is not for you since you may get a result you won't like but as long as you are fans of all of them then welcome to my second quiz on here! :D

Tupac? Eazy E? Ski Mask? X? Which rapper is going to marry you and treat you like the queen that you are? Which rapper is the one for you? Take this quiz to find out now!

Created by: Shamoaning

  1. All four rappers dm you on Snapchat which one are you answering to first?
  2. You have the opportunity to go out on a date with one of them, which one sounds the most interesting to you?
  3. Which woman would you rather beef with over the rappers?
  4. Which enemy of the rappers would you rather get them to deal with for harassing you?
  5. Which Underrated Song Puts A Smile On Your Face?
  6. Which trait of one the rappers would turn you off?
  7. Which one of these rappers friends wanted you first but you had to kindly turn them down?
  8. What was the reason that one of the rappers cheated on you while y'all were on a break after a bad argument?
  9. Who did you make up with after the bad arguments?
  10. Which quote by the rappers is most relatable to you?
  11. Which way is a cuter way of the celebs confessing their love to you?
  12. What makes you think twice before having kids with the rappers?
  13. Which rapper would you rather marry/spend the rest of your life with?

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