Could you marry Cosmo?

Will you marry Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents? Well, of course in reality, you won't, cuz he's not real. Even if he was real, he already has a wife. BUT A GIRL CAN DREAM! This quiz is a bit long, but you'll probably have fun.

Most people probably don't want to marry Cosmo. But if you do, then GREAT! That makes the quiz for fun! If you get the result, great! If not, that sucks.

Created by: scissorgirl28

  1. Hey, wanna find out if you'll marry Cosmo? You probably don't care, but it'll still be fun! The first question is: Do you like Cosmo?
  2. But do you LOVE him?
  3. Do you want green-haired, maybe purple-haired kids?
  4. Have you ever had a dream about Cosmo?
  5. Who is your favorite character in Fairly Odd Parents?
  6. Do you have a crush on Cosmo?
  7. If you do have a crush on Cosmo, then that's weird.
  8. How many kids do you wish to have with Cosmo?
  9. Let's pretend I'm Cosmo for a second LET'S PLAY CHARADES! WHAT AM I?
  10. Do you mind living in a fish tank?
  11. Fairies can't marry humans, so if you really want to marry Cosmo, you have to become a fairy.
  12. How long have you had a crush on Cosmo?
  13. What would you do if you married Cosmo, then he traded you for a nickel?
  14. What would you do if you spent an hour looking for your husband only to find him hanging on the ceiling, disguised as a lamp?
  15. Do you like green hair?
  16. Would you be okay if your husband had a baby?
  17. Have you had a lot of crushes on cartoon characters in the past?
  18. Lastly, do you wanna marry Cosmo?

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