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Your name is Holly Antstopsky and you're a 15 year old girl in High school (no duh!). You're walking and ... wait just take the quiz and find out for yourself.

What will happen. Who knows? Comment and rate and that would really, truly mean a lot. And also, remember the name Moono Cosmo! Just for a reason. K Bye.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Silence. Just plain silence. It killed you, the silence but you just couldn't break it. You couldn't scream, you couldn't even talk.
  2. Your need for the urge to speak. The words won't come out of your mouth. Will, a guy from your school, is leaning over you, making sure you're okay.
  3. He leans into kiss you and then everything is gone. The boy, the place, your life. You feel yourself falling down, for an hour at the least and you hit the ground.
  4. As soon as you hit the ground, everything is gone, for real this time. You're in your bed, sweating and your parents are leaning over you. "Holly, are you ok?" your dad asks you.
  5. "It's time for school honey, get dressed." your mom tells you. An hour later, you're sitting in french class, right next to Austin, the captain of the football and basketball team.
  6. "Bonjour." the teacher says as he walks in, "what does that mean, anyone?"
  7. The day goes by like the wind. You had a pretty hard test in math, but you know you're a good student and that you:
  8. You get on the bus ...
  9. You get on the bus and there's only one seat open and it's next to Justin Woods, the school nerd.
  10. As you sit down, Justin starts to giggle. "What?" you ask him. "You just sat in my yogurt." You get up screaming. Your favourite jeans are ruined. You run off the bus crying. As you're running of the bus you meet your best friend Stanley.
  11. "Hey." he says, "Wanna walk home with me?" You say yes because you guys are next door neighbours and your house is 6 blocks away and you need excersise.
  12. Just as you reach your house, you see a mugger sneaking up behind an old lady. What do you do?
  13. You decide to walk away because that's the safest idea, but he catches you just in time. "You're coming with me." he whispers to you and Stanley.
  14. Read more about the guys in the answer boxes so who could decide by looks and personality, who you like the best.
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