Which Once Upon A Time character are you

There are many people in the town of Storybrooke. Some good some bad. All but 2 have to sides to them. Their fairytale side, and their modern world selves.

Which one of those people are you most like? Are you brave? Are you adventurous? Do you like romance? One of these character has to match to you, so take this quiz to find that out.

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. Do you like Animals
  2. Are you adventurous
  3. What adventure would you most like to go on
  4. Do you often feel left out of conversations
  5. Do like to deeply believe in things
  6. Are you brave and calm in tough in hard sitiuations
  7. do you like dogs or cats (NO EFFECT)
  8. are you smart and can easily teach others
  9. Do you often have trouble adapting to different things, and can become uncomfortable when pushed into these situations
  10. Who is your favorite villian in OUAT

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