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  • I got beagle!

    You are most like a Beagle, an incredibly smart scent hound from Great Britain. Beagles are remarkably free of health problems, and often live to a good age. Beagles are one of three breeds that have the best sense of smell of all dog breeds. Because of that they are used to sniff out bombs. Beagles become bored and distracted easily, so you have to be firm with them in training. They also do not make good guard dogs, because most are timid around strangers. Despite their flaws they are known worldwide for being fantastic family dogs and great with kids. The most common crossbreed with the beagle is the pug, which makes a "Puggle." :)

  • German Shepherd dog,I am very defensive and protective over myself and my beliefs alot as well as aggressive when messed with. I don't take crap from others whatsoever. Cool quiz mate.


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