Which of The Seven Deadly Sins are you?

Now you know our theme for the party, why not take this quiz to find out which of the Seven Deadly Sins you are! Remember, you could just dress as the heavenly virtue which tackles your sin!

This may give you some ideas of what you want to wear. You could go as the animal, in the colour, or just as a character who you feel personifies this particular sin! In just a few minutes you'll find out which sin you really are!

Created by: Katy
  1. My main drive to do something is if I know I will receive some sort of praise and acknowledgement.
  2. I often want what I can't have. If i see someone with something I want, I find my self gazing longingly at it wishing it was mine.
  3. I find my self eating until I can eat no more, often going up for seconds, thirds and fourth helpings.
  4. I relate to the song 'more more more' and money is my main reason for living.
  5. I find myself lashing out at people for simply bothering me on a bad day. I'm easily raged when disturbed unnecessarily.
  6. I like lounging about, having a good lie in, and don't have any urge to be energetic or physically exert myself.
  7. I often find myself dreaming about fulfilling my desires and passions. My hand has proven useful on more than one occasion!
  8. You find a five pound note lying around at school, what do you do with it?
  9. You see a really hot guy/girl hugging your best friend. What would you do?
  10. There's a competition to win a trip to meet your favourite celeb. You'll be given spending money, and lots of chocolate! What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which of The Seven Deadly Sins am I?