Which of the Afton Family are you?

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Hello and welcome to this quiz. This quiz will tell you which of my Aftons you are most like. I hope you enjoy when you take this quiz so why don't you start now?

It's required to put two paragraphs with 150 characters for a MINI description. It's kind of ridiculous though. It's supposed to be a mini description lol.

Created by: Purple_Grove
  1. Hello Friend!!
  2. So how are we doing today?
  3. Great! Heh heh. So, let's hear a little bit about you? What's the best colour out of these options new friend?
  4. What's the best food out of these options, friend?
  5. What about the best drink? Out of these options of course!
  6. Who do you want to make proud of you in your life?
  7. Did your parents do a good job raising you?
  8. Are you truly happy right now?
  9. Do you think you are a good person?
  10. Do you believe in second chances, new friend?
  11. One thing you would change about yourself from this list?
  12. Who is your favorite Afton?
  13. What is your favorite school subject out of these?
  14. Favorite YouTuber out of these?
  15. What is your age group?
  16. Gender? Don't worry, I can't see your answers friends, just your comments.
  17. Sorry if this is long. I want your results to be accurate as possible lol.
  18. Did you know that I'm counting answers to all of your questions lol?
  19. If you had to take a female name from here, which one would it be?
  20. If you had to choose a male name from here, which one would you choose?
  21. Alright! Well, did you think this quiz was good?
  22. Welp, goodbye player!

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Quiz topic: Which of the Afton Family am I?

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