Which of my superpowers would you have?

Can you read Latin? It's okay if you can't, I have deffinitions provided. These are the powers I made up (Most of them) for the book I am writing. Have fun.

Created by: sienna
  1. You sometimes hear things, or feel ilke your being watched.
  2. You can see both sides of every story. Even though you only heard one.
  3. I have blackmailed someone before.
  4. People trust me with their secrets.
  5. You can see things for what they really are.
  6. You feel most comfertable in cold weather.
  7. You like the desert.
  8. Your the first to throw a snowball.
  9. You always want to 'play with fire'.
  10. Some times you smell odd things, or get a vision of some sort when you smell something.
  11. You say 'ow' even though you didn't get hurt.
  12. You finish your friends sentences.
  13. You have odd dreams.

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