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From my animated series I'm working on, called "Set Me Ablaze," or SMA. The majority of the characters are from Trident, the demon kingdom located mainly underwater, and all but one of them are part of the royal family.

There is only one result outside of this kingdom, so good luck getting that. Anyways, ignore any spelling errors, because I made this relatively quickly trying to level up. I might add pictures later, but probably not :)

Created by: Nevada
  1. First off: What's your Favorite Color?
  2. Ok, that was pretty simple, let's up it a bit more: Favorite Animal?
  3. Favorite book Genre?
  4. Pick the word you connect to most:
  5. If you had a special ability (Superpower) What would it be?All the ones listed below are ones the characters have)
  6. People would describe me as....
  7. Favorite music instrument:
  8. What about your favorite subject?
  9. Your Biggest Flaw is: (in I'm __ form)
  10. Getting close to the end here: Favorite Drink?
  11. Song you relate to the most, if any:
  12. Fate.

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Quiz topic: Which OC am I?