What Type of Trident Layers is Perfect For You?

So basically, I just made up four Trident Layers flavors. Now all you have to do is answer seven questions about your taste and stuff like that. I'm also going to be honest and tell you that I can't promise extremely accurate results.

I will warn you that one of the results isn't the most delicious, so don't get mad if that's your result. Remember, it's just a quiz. You can agree with me that it's duisgusting. You know what, as long as it doesn't make me want to die I don't care.

Created by: xendocheionology
  1. Are you tough?
  2. Would you eat anything? Even a cholocate, jelly, and yogurt sandwich?
  3. Do you prefer mild, sour, or spicy tastes?
  4. Would you eat gum that tasted like dinner?
  5. Do you like to choose whatever looks the frutiest and yummiest?
  6. Okay, I'm sorry, but I honestly do not have any idea what to ask next.
  7. Just go click submit.
  8. ---
  9. ---
  10. ---

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