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in the line of succession.In general, succession falls to the first-born child of the heir and their children, followed by uyhtrtrhsthtr htrhthtr h trh rtht hte

Under British laws established in the late 1600s and early 1700s, the succession to the throne can be regulated by Parliament, which can remove monarchs for "misgovernment," according to the royal family's website. MORE: Who's who in the British royal family)In order to be king or queen, the sovereign must be in communion with the Church of England and must promise to uphold the Protestant succession.In 2013, a law called the Succession to the Crown Act ended the centuries-old practice of a younger son

Created by: Ayden Bargrain
  1. If the people of your country disagree on something you will politely Do whatever they vote on
  2. Your country is the most important thing, you would kill people or take great risks to keep your country a thing
  3. Abortion should be legal in your country
  4. People should be able to make a business and sell anything on the market, even if it is a rip off
  5. The government should provide the money and food, no poor people and no rich people everyone is equal in the middle
  6. What is your favorite leader on this list?
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