Which O.C of mine are you most like?

I have many O.C's, and these are some of my first. Most of them are nice and understanding... but are you? Let's see which dog, or wolf, or snake, or alien you are!!!

Are you understanding or ignorant? Are you friendly or hateful? Answer these questions truthfully and you MIGHT get which o.c of mine you're most like!

Created by: FFK
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have health issues? (i.e. sicknesses, weight problems, etc.)
  2. Are you bullied or very self-conscious?
  3. Are you helpful or are you not?
  4. Are you nice?
  5. Single or not?
  6. Dog, Snake, Wolf, or Alien? (Which one would you prefer to be?)
  7. Social or Antisocial?
  8. Which wolf would you prefer to get?
  9. Which dog would you prefer to get?
  10. Did you know this is the last question?

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Quiz topic: Which O.C of mine am I most like?