Would you survive the Alien Movies

Will you survive an alien assault? Take the quiz to find out! I hope you enjoed taking this great quiz thank you and have a nice day survivor of this assault

yeah i too lazy to type words ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Created by: Hi
  1. It is an average day at town, who are you?
  2. You see a spaceship crash, then an alien attacks people. What you do?
  3. Your office/school/home is attacked. Your friend is headbitten (an attack by an alien) What do you do?
  4. No matter what you chose, eventually you ran away. You see a person in army uniform gunning aliens down with another guy. Do you follow him?
  5. He is revealed to be a commander of the strongest army in the world. He says that he is sending in a company plus a squad of soldiers. Your reaction?
  6. Your local army troops arrive. What do you do?
  7. The army is quickly overpowered, but the commanders company and squad arrives and starts an intense battle against the aliens with their improved M16s, pulse rifles, plasma guns, and lasers. Are you happy?
  8. A meeting is held at the highest building in the town. Do you go?
  9. After a while the army decides to leave. The army drops a nuclear bomb onto the town, all the aliens are killed. Your reaction?
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