Which Ninjago Character are you

This is a quiz for Ninjago fans. Every person in the fandom has dreamed of finding out which ninja they are. Now you can! This quiz also adds in a new ninja! (Sorry for spoiling)

Which ninja are you most like? Are you quiet like Zane or Hot-Headed like Kai? Are you talkative like Lloyd and Jay or as solid as Cole. Take my quiz to find out!

Created by: SilverFire1864

  1. What is your favorite element?
  2. Are you a good cook?
  3. What would you say if Zane was stalking you?
  4. Why do you watch Ninjago?
  5. What is your Favorite colour?
  6. How are you liking the quiz? (This wont affect your answer)
  7. What qualities do you want in a friend?
  8. Which enemy in Ninjago would you want to face?
  9. How much do you love the ninja?
  10. Which Ninja couple is the best?
  11. Are you ready to see which ninja you are? (This will not affect your answer)

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