Which Next Step Character

I love The Next Step with all it's characters, dance and drama. Especially the drama! But I do really,really, really like the characters. Are you ready to see which character you are?

Have you got a heart of gold, a scheming mind, the soul of a team player. Are you Riley, James, Michelle, Eldon? Well thanks to this quiz in just a few minutes- you'll find out!

Created by: Rubesx
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  1. Your best friend is being bullied, what do you do?
  2. Your leader is being really rude, what do you do?
  3. The costume shop is shut and it's the day before a big dance competition. You...
  4. Your friend has sprain their ankle but is pretending it's fine. You
  5. Your best friend tells you a massive secret you
  6. A newbie arrives and you don't trust her...
  7. A boy you have a crush on leaves...
  8. Would you like to join TNS?
  9. Do you prefer the dance or the drama?
  10. Are you ready to see your results?

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