What TNS character are you?

Are you Giselle, Riley, Thalia, Amanda, Michelle, Richelle, James, Ella, West or Emily from TNS? Well, if your not so sure, this quiz is the place for you 👯🎉

These questions will decide which character you are from The Next Step 💝 In a matter of time, you'll find out who are and why you are the decided character ❄️

Created by: Joshua14

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What dance style to do prefer?
  2. Preferred hair colour?
  3. Preferred duet to watch?
  4. Preferred team to be in?
  5. Most disliked character?
  6. Preferred ship? 👯
  7. Who would you kiss?
  8. Preferred hobbie?
  9. Preferred solo?
  10. You're best personality trate?

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Quiz topic: What TNS character am I?