Which Fanta Character Are you?

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Which Fanta character are you out of Samson Fantill, Alice West, Freddy West, Marty Brook, Ed Sheeran, Sebastiaan Kulwanowski, Wendy Merits, Colin Gray and Felix Hayman???????

Answer the Question truthfully to find out. This has to be at least 150 characters long so...NEWTIEEEEEEEEE<3<3<3<3TWENNNNNNN<3<3<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!-panixxx!

Created by: Vetty
  1. Who's your favourite artist?
  2. Pick a colour:
  3. What is your dream holiday destination?
  4. Favourite mythical creature?
  5. What do you do on a Saturday night?
  6. Pick a star wars character:
  7. Kiss Marry Kill: Brendon Urie, Gerad Way and William Beckett
  8. What's your star sign?
  9. Which song describes your relationship status?
  10. Which is your favourite?
  11. Have any hobbies?
  12. Lastly, what's your spirit animal?

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Quiz topic: Which Fanta Character am I?