Which New Tricks character are you?

Which one of the brilliantly eccentric quartet are you? They get into the most bizarre, curious and demanding cases known to mankind, whether it be about ice cream, breweries, mummified dogs, each other's pasts, "╦ťSecret Squirrels' or students on a vendetta, and the y always manage to laugh about it over a beer, a bottle of wine or a glass of orange juice afterwards - but which one of the fantastically eccentric quartet are you? The leader with the strong head, cool mind and career focus, the crazy genius with terminal social awkwardness, the womaniser with a loving heart or the quiet, caring, wickedly funny one in the corner? Regardless, there's a place at UCOS for all of you - now, there's just time to find out where'd you fit in before the next recruitment drive...

I created this quiz purely because I adore this show; you could stick the characters in any situation and they're played with such passion and genius that it'd still be amazing. Personally, I'd end up being Gerry - I'm just too damn flirtatious, and I smoke too much. =\

Created by: Holly
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  1. Someone's not giving you the information you want - what's a person to do?
  2. You're going undercover, but you need someone to go with - who do you pick?
  3. Being in UCOS has its advantages - but right now, you're so shattered you can't think of any. Time for a takeaway - what do you pick?
  4. Someone's being very cryptic about their involvement in an eighties murder - what do you do about it?
  5. What's your favourite song to finish a stressful day with?
  6. How would you describe yourself in five words?
  7. What's your role in the team?
  8. Have you got a lot of friends?
  9. If you've got a problem, who in the team do you turn to?
  10. How long's your day on average?

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Quiz topic: Which New Tricks character am I?