Which Naruto Character are U!

An Naruto awsome quiz with good results with awsome characters u need the brains for this and shinobi a great one or a killing one maybe even a jounin leveld one

WHich Naruto Character are you have you evered wondered have u took other quiz well this quiz has exact answers for you needs now take my quiz or ill kill you

Created by: Brandon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Weapon do u choose to fight with
  2. Out of these 6 who would u want for a teammate
  3. Who Would u rather fight
  4. Would u rather join the akatsuki or Orochimaru
  5. Who would u want for a sensai
  6. Would u rather have Akamaru or Orochimarus sword
  7. Tai jutsu nin or Gen which would u want for a advantage
  8. Who do u think is stronger
  9. Who do u want to be out of these 6
  10. Uglier

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