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  • Werewolf yay

    Wolfgurl06 May 25 '16, 6:43AM
  • I got dragon cool

    Sky515022 Feb 16 '14, 9:39PM
  • I got Vampire :d

    lovebooksandme Sep 28 '13, 10:39AM
  • I got werewolf! that's awsome . love it

    wolfhound Mar 25 '13, 1:31PM
  • Not to good quiz. I got wearwolf but I am not funny or popular. It was compleatly wrong!

    SilverMoon8 May 15 '12, 4:16PM
  • For one I HATE twilight two I so geused that I would get werewolf!try checking out Van Helsing,its way better!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 20 '12, 10:50PM
  • i am a werewolf!!!! haha its ironic how i knew!!!!! because i already am one!!!! *changes into giant white wolf like the ones from twilight* see?

    truewolf14 Mar 14 '12, 11:18AM
  • i'm gonna punch dat drargon in da fayce lol who can guess what i am yet?

    theboso Feb 23 '11, 10:33AM
  • I got a vampire.... I didn't even put very vampirish answers.......

    Booklover1214 Apr 28 '10, 10:20PM
  • Werewolf :D

    Anastasia Jul 28 '09, 9:58PM
  • cool, i gt a faerie. it would be so awsome if it turned out i really was one. ya know, some people might even be faeries. ya know, chalengings. i believe in faeries, but not those cutsy little ones type. i'm talking about the ones in spiderwick and with the goblins and trolls and sprites.

    Ansa89 Jul 28 '09, 6:05PM
  • Cool! I got Faerie! Though i didn't want to get faerie.... I wanted to get vampire but i was answering truthfully!

    xXBubblegumXx Jul 28 '09, 1:49PM
  • i got a werewolf teehee

    littledrummerboy Jul 28 '09, 11:00AM

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