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  • Your Result: Doc Ock 81%

    Doctor Otto Octavius became a super villain when a nuclear experiment gone wrong turned him into Doctor Octopus, a six-armed menace out to get money to continue his scientific experimentation to fulfill his lifelong goal of creating an artificial source of limitless energy.

    63% Mr. Potter
    61% Professor Moriarty
    61% The Joker
    53% Gollum
    45% The Wicked Witch of the West
    45% Palpatine
    38% Darth Vader
    36% Sauron
    35% Dracula
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    Well, glad you had fun! If you didn't, well, oh well. (Isn't it at least slightly obvious by now that I'm merely typing to meet the required word count?)

    "Which movie villain are you?" was created by Ciara

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    The faded smoke
  • Gollum lol he is a cool character and I do tend to be somewhat weird myself and if I find something very interesting sometimes I can become a bit addicted to it but not that bad as him. Cool quiz anyways mate.


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