Which Modern Aircraft are You?

Planes have been a very important part of our history. They have been bombing and dogfighting since World War One. They have changed too. Since World War One they have changed into MODERN stages.

What kind of modern aircraft are you. There are tons of modern aircraft, but you can only be one. Take this quiz and you will figure out the modern aircraft personality inside you.

Created by: T-Man

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  1. Would you want a propeller
  2. What war would you of wanted to start your flying in???
  3. Which came first the helicopter or you?
  4. What militarybranch would you want to be from?
  5. What would you want to be?
  6. You're talking to your friend B-52, and he says "It's not easy being a bomber." What would you say?
  7. You are in a battle. A missle gets fired at you. What would you do?
  8. You are ready to fire upon a plane. Which weapon would you use?
  9. What would you want to be your maximum speed?
  10. Would you rather be stealth or non-stealth?

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Quiz topic: Which Modern Aircraft am I?