which mlp senior are you?

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since fall 2018, everyone's been wondering which member of the mlp class of '22 (/'22.5/'23 ... graduating class is more of a mindset) they're most like. finally, that question can be answered.

this group of seniors has built a silly goofy community of high-level frisbee, and we are so grateful to have a team that we love so so much. we'll miss all of you so much after graduation and look forward to destroying you at get ho next spring <3

Created by: moll of america
  1. you're in a car driving to williamstown, what seat are you in?
  2. what's your flair vibe?
  3. what are you doing on the beach at spring break?
  4. who's your mgp counterpart (NOT in a romantic way 👿)?
  5. what position do you play on the field?
  6. how did you budtz yourself?
  7. you've just caught the disc, what are you throwing?
  8. oh s---, pranksters are throwing a party! where can we find ya?
  9. when do you arrive at the dank for practice?
  10. what's your favorite key prankster item?

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Quiz topic: Which mlp senior am I?