Which Add Class Are You?

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Do you enjoy playing Elsword? Do you mostly play as Add? Which class do you match up with? Not everybody is what they hope to be, but are you the Add you believe you are?

Do you believe you are such a Master genius? Do you believe you are such a Crazy Fighter? Or are you a Vengeful Time lord? Who knows what you are really but do you deserve such a powerful like figure as you? See who you are in just a few minutes!

Created by: Add Kim

  1. Do you enjoy PvP as Add?
  2. Do you Enjoy Dungeon runs as Add?
  3. Who is hotter?
  4. Your fighting a Spammer in PvP. what would you do?
  5. Which is skill is better?
  6. Do you like the game Elsword?
  7. Do you like Otaku Add?
  8. which Add Class do you like to RP (Role Play) as?
  9. Who do you ship Add with?
  10. Rate/Comment/Sub to me on Ifunny? (btw my Ifunny name is AddKim, and to RP add me on Kik: IRL_Add_Kim)

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Quiz topic: Which Add Class am I?