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  • Great quiz! I got:
    Your Result: Rainbow Dash 92%

    You love high-flying adventures and daring acrobatics. You are a total daredevil and you never want to slow down. Persistant, you can get frustrated and angry with yourself when you don't do something correctly; you need to chill! You are also very mishievous and loyal. Element of Harmony: LOYALTY

    What is weird is I got nothing for anyother choice

  • Fluttershy,I love nature and the wilderness alot. I enjoy animals alot more than people I feel like they are more loyal and nice than humans. I also enjoy being a loner. Cool quiz mate.

  • Pshh, I didn't need a quiz to tell me that I am quite obviously Twilight Sparkle. I've only seen a couple of episode and I could tell. Isn't a bad show from what I can tell. Far better than what my expectations were.

  • I got rd and I actually wanna be a wonder bolt and I would have the triple lightning rainboom and me and rd would be pff's and I would meet the main six yey


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