which MHA character would date you?

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Like Mha? well sis i do too and i seeing some of these men and im like "Um chile- HOW ARE THEY STILL SINGLE?!" so why not create a quiz for all the users out there yk

Im just put this simple text, I make edits ok? my animo account for naruto animo is where i most hangout out is called Mia but wit a dango, you can find me there this saturday ight

Created by: Andromeda

  1. First off, what's you're gender?
  2. Sexuality?
  3. which Mha character do you like the most?
  4. You see you're crush walking toward you what would you do?
  5. oh no! you're crush is in your class and is either a teacher or student she/he notices what would you do?
  6. Your crush sits next to you or calls on you depends who it is, and says "hey, your face is turning red.." what would you say?
  7. lets say hawks takes you out on a date and leans in for the kiss... what would you do?
  8. You're crush is now your bf/gf how would you treat them?
  9. You're crush cheats on you, what would you do?
  10. who do you crush on?
  11. This question is for the men with girl crushes

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