Which member of Voltes V are you?

If you grew up watching Voltes V, then this quiz is for you! Everyone had their favorite Voltes Team Member. Did you like leader Steve Armstrong? Or were you more into the rough rebel Mark? Were you more interested in the gentle giant Big Bert? You could've liked adorable Little John, or perhaps you liked the graceful Jamie.

Each of these characters had their own complex personalities, and quite different from each other. So which of these characters are most likely to share your personality? Take this short quiz and find out! Ready? "LETS, VOLT, IIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!"

Created by: Nostalgia Manila of Nostalgia Manila
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  1. When Dr. Hook orders you to practice more than you usually do, you you:
  2. While in heavy battle with a Beast Fighter, your vehicle sustains some serious damages. You would:
  3. When on the ground and doing hand to hand combat with Bozanian soldiers, which weapon are you most likely to use?
  4. A powerful Bozanian Beast Fighter seems to be immune to your vehicle's attacks. The team volts-in and becomes Voltes V. The first weapon you would use to attack the enemy would be:
  5. When a Bozanian Beast Fighter threatens to attack a hospital building to kill hundreds of innocent people, the best thing to do would be:
  6. It's a quiet afternoon at Camp Big Falcon. The silence is broken when a faint S.O.S. signal is picked up by the radar officer. It's been verified that it's being transmitted by a Bozanian ship that has crashed. You would naturally:
  7. You are learning a very difficult martial arts technique, but you aren't even close to perfecting this. You are tired, bruised, and very weak. You:
  8. Zuhl has been captured and is being held prisoner at Camp Big Falcon. He is treated humanely and Dr. Hook hasn't ordered him for questioning because he is weak and wounded. You would:
  9. Prince Zardoz challenges you to a duel to the death. You naturally:
  10. Dr. Armstrong has been imprisoned in a fragile capsule on top of a Bozanian Beast Fighter's head. One wrong move and Dr. Armstrong could die. The best plan of action would be:

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Quiz topic: Which member of Voltes V am I?