What Third Day Member Are You?

Many have heard of Third Day but haven't really thought of how you might compare to a member. Many also didn't know how they live they're life! It's actually quite surprizing!

Well, which member are you? Don't just throw this one off! This could make your day! Come here to find out! And make sure to be honest! You don't want to mess up your quiz!

Created by: Jake
  1. Which instrument do you play or would like to play?
  2. Were you one of the first members of the band?
  3. Do you like acoustic or electric?
  4. Did you play trumpet in high school?
  5. Are you a leader?
  6. What do people say when they here you sing?
  7. Do your frinds want you to shave off any facial hair because it's too wild?
  8. Are you shy?
  9. Do you like your hair long or short?
  10. Do you like it colored?

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Quiz topic: What Third Day Member am I?