Can you be a SHQ member?

Some think they are a good assasin, spy. Well take the SHQ test to find out. You will need to think alot and take the best choice. Most questions are normally, I bet you can answer them right!

Can you be a SHQ member? Well find out doing this quiz! This quiz isnt hard and only takes some minutes to answer them all. And its easy to find if you can be a SHQ member. Answer what you think first though.

Created by: Yihka

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  1. You have to assasinate someone, in the middle of a city where its busy. You cannot be seen. How are you going to do it ?
  2. You will have to scare a mafia boss by killing his wife in his own house. How are you going to do it ?
  3. Someone asks you to investigate a murder. What will you say?
  4. You have discovered your boss (SHQ boss) betrayed you. What will you do?
  5. What gadgets will you use on a mission?
  6. 3 cops are after you, you are in a alley and theres no way out. How will you get out?
  7. You have to kill a mafia boss, but he is guarded by 3 heavily armed bodyguards in a hotel. what will you do ?
  8. you have been captured by the police. They ask you to tell them the information or they will beat you up and kill your wife.
  9. Will you stay loyal to your boss forever?
  10. What will you do when you are wanted by the police?

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Quiz topic: Can I be a SHQ member?